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The following is a list of dance class descriptions to give you a better understanding of the different styles of dance that we offer. For more information on our classes, or for class placement assistance for your child, please contact us.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. It is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. Graded classes include ballet technique with barre and center floor work.

Company Technique
Company Technique is a class formulated to improve the overall technique of our dedicated company members through toning, strengthening, conditioning, and stretching.

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is an energetic class that is a combination of different street dance styles usually done to hip hop music. Hip Hop class is incorporated into our jazz classes. Dancers must be enrolled in a combo class in order to take a Jazz or Hip Hop class.

Jazz dance stresses body isolations, coordination, rhythm and syncopation, and the development of strength and flexibility. Classes include lyrical jazz, hip hop, funk, and performance techniques. Dancers must be enrolled in a combo class in order to take a Jazz or Hip Hop class.

Line Dancing
Line Dancing is an adult dance class in which students will learn choreographed dances with a repeated sequence. This fun dance class will boost mood, improver memory skills, develop better balance skills, and many other health benefits.

Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from the inner emotion is a primary factor in choreographing and interpreting this art form. Lyrical dance interprets music or words, showing the audience the emotion of the particular piece.

Stretch & Strength
This is a class designed for dancers to develop their performance styles and skills and grow in their artistry. Through various movement, facial and vocal exercises, dancers will explore choreographic intention, details of movement, and physical and emotional dynamics to broaden their performance range.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance
This is our special hip hop dance program for kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, CP, and many other learning differences and special needs. The class focuses on sensory processing, behavioral analysis, kinesiology, and movement safety. Rhythm Works Integrative Dance benefits cognitive, motor, and social/emotional development.

Tap dance is rhythmical sounds emphasized by the taps on the dancer’s shoes. Graded classes include combinations of simple and complex rhythms, technique and terminology.

Tumbling Tots
Tumbling Tots is an introduction to tumbling for boys and girls 3-4 years old. Children will learn the basic skills and terminology needed for tumbling. In addition to basic skill, children will improve coordination, strength, and balance in a fun atmosphere.

Tumbling (Acro)
Tumbling and Acro is the artistic use of movements and tricks. Conditioning and control of the muscles are obtained through a balanced exercise program and progressive training from basic through advanced work. Tumbling develops limberness, strength, balance, speed and coordination.