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 Shantel Robeaux

shantel robeaux

Shantel Robeaux is the owner and director of Shantel’s Dance Academy. Ms. Shantel’s passion for the art of dance became apparent from a very early age, and is still the driving force behind her efforts to share her knowledge and love for dance with her students. Recognizing this passion, her parents encouraged and supported her love of dance by enrolling her in dance classes at the age of two. After years of formal training Ms. Shantel began to choreograph pieces which were performed during various competitions. After graduating from a local dancing school she began her college career, however, Ms. Shantel continued to dance and teach at a local dance studio as well as many different recreation departments. The love of dance and the passion to teach others made it an easy decision for her to open a dance studio in 1999.

Ms. Shantel, along with her staff frequently attends workshops and conventions throughout the year to continue their dance education. Ms. Shantel frequently networks with other dance studio owners and teachers throughout the United States in an effort to stay up to date on the latest trends in the world of dance.

Ms. Shantel is a member of Dance Masters of America (DMA) and Louisiana Dance Masters of America (LADM). DMA & LADM are nationally known non-profit educational organizations. She received her certification to teach Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics by passing a written and practical examination in each subject. Ms. Shantel feels blessed to be able to pass on her love for dance to so many students.


 Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Ms. Sarah is a dedicated and talented dance instructor who has been part of the SDA family since she was in preschool. Her passion for dance and her love and patience with teaching children make her an outstanding mentor to her students. Sarah's experience as a member of the SDA family enables her to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that is ideal for learning and growth.

Ms. Sarah's commitment to excellence is demonstrated through her continuing education. She has earned her BS degree in Biology and is now using her degree as a teacher to inspire the next generation. Her expertise in science helps her not only understand the physical aspects of dance but enables her to incorporate scientific methods to enhance her teaching techniques. Her dedication and commitment to her students and her community make her an invaluable member of the SDA family and a role model for her students.


 Aileen Braun

Aileen Braun

Ms. Aileen began her dance training in Heidelberg, Germany, under the direction of Isabel Christie and Carolyn Carattini on a U.S. military installation.  She attended multiple summer intensives including  the Taylor School, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and the Joffrey Ballet School NY.  Mrs. Braun received her BFA from the University of Hartford's Hartt School in Dance Performance.  She danced professionally with the Albano Ballet and Amy Marshall Dance Company before being selected as a member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company based in New York in 2010.  Aileen has taught master classes nationwide and abroad since 2006.  While living in the Hampton Roads area from 2015-18 she joined Todd Rosenlieb Dance/Virginia Ballet Theater as well as the teaching staffs of GSA and TRD. Upon moving to Stuttgart, Germany, she taught at multiple studios in the area while also guest teaching and staging the works of Paul Taylor. She recently moved to Belle Chasse and is enjoying teaching ballet and combo at Shantel’s Dance Academy.


 Emma Primeaux

Emma Primeaux

Ms. Emma is an accomplished dancer and instructor who has spent most of her life at SDA, where she has honed her skills in dance and tumbling. With a passion for teaching, Ms. Emma finds a great deal of joy in helping her students grow and watching them achieve their dance goals. Her work on choreography has produced some stunning performances, and her dedication to her craft is evident in her ongoing study of dance. Apart from her achievements in the dance world, Ms. Emma is also a licensed esthetician. Her love for beauty and wellness has led her to pursue expert knowledge in skincare. She is a kind and compassionate person, and her love for her work and her students is evident in all she does.


 Megan Boudreaux

megan boudreaux

Ms. Megan is a 2014 Graduate of Shantel’s Dance Academy and Belle Chasse High School. During high school, she was a member of the Cardinalette Dance Team in addition to taking many classes with Ms. Shantel. Ms. Megan has been a dancer at the studio since it opened in 1999. Ms. Megan learned her love of dance from her Nanny (Ms. Shantel).

Growing up in the studio, Megan was able to see every part of the business and couldn't wait to be old enough to become an assistant teacher. She knew the only thing she wanted to do was dance and teach. Ms. Megan takes every opportunity to continue her dance education.

Aside from teaching dance, Ms. Megan earned her Cosmetologist License.


 Macie Faust

macie faust

Ms. Macie has been a dancer for the past 18 years. She has been a part of Shantel's Dance Academy since the studio was opened in 1999. She was also a member of the Crystalettes for 2 years where she held the position as a Junior Officer, and was also a member of the Eaglettes for 2 years.

Aside from teaching dance, Ms. Macie earned her teaching degree from Our Lady of Holy Cross College and enjoys teaching her 5th grade students!


 Julia Rusich

Julia Rusich

Ms. Julia is a lifelong resident of Belle Chasse and a graduate of Shantel's Dance Academy. With over 24 years of dance experience, Ms. Julia has a caring way of interacting with young dancers.

At a young age Ms. Julia had the passion for dance. Throughout her childhood, dance played an important role in her life. She attended dance conventions attending classes with numerous Master Teachers, participated in competitions, and traveled for performances at many popular family attractions.

After becoming a mom to three beautiful children, Ms. Julia made it a priority to return to the studio to fulfill her love for dance. Having children of her own, she understands the importance of helping young dancers build confidence and have a fun time in class. Her patience and love for dance shines inside and outside the classroom.