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Shantel's Dance Academy provides professional dance instruction for children of all ages in a family-friendly environment. See what our amazing dance family has to say:


"Shantel's Dance Academy has been a wonderful experience for our family. Shantel maintains a professional dance atmosphere in a family environment. She allows the children to excel at their own pace and ability. Dancing at the Academy has increased our children's confidence and ability to present to a crowd. They are learning things beyond dance, that will stay with them for a lifetime!"
— Vicki B.

"The minute I saw the dance recital for Shantel's Dance Academy, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to enroll my daughter in her program. The dancing was magnificent. The music was spot-on. And importantly, the clothes and makeup were age-appropriate. When I toured the dance studio, I knew without a doubt that I'd made the right decision. The studio is clean, warm and inviting. Shantel was kind, professional, and clearly experienced. My daughter will have a wonderful dance education, and I couldn't be happier or more excited."
— Sarah D.

"The studio is wonderful but what makes it so good is the owner and teacher. Shantel truly cares about the girls she teaches. I have seen the girls telling her about their lives (vacation, pets, school etc.) and I have never met someone give so much attention to each child and make them feel so special."
— Dawn

"My two daughters have taken dance from Shantel since they were 4 years old. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with what they have learned from Shantel's Dance Academy! My girls love going to classes and truly miss it during the summer. She has instilled in them the fundamentals of dance from the very beginning and has raised their appreciation for the art. Not only is Shantel a wonderful teacher, but she takes an honest interest in her students. When my oldest daughter was having some self-esteem issues, Shantel picked up on it and through gentle guidance she was able to help her come out of her shell and feel better about herself. I will always be grateful for the way she helped my daughter during this time. Shantel's level of instruction is carried on by her assistant instructors. I also like the fact that Shantel works with ALL her classes; none go on without her participation. I have recommended her highly to family and friends and just know that I will continue to do so. Thanks Shantel for everything!"
— Angela A.

"During my daughter's time at Shantel's she not only learned to dance, but she learned that dance is an art. I watched my daughter's confidence and self-esteem grow tremendously because of Mrs. Shantel's passion and caring ways. She passed her passion for dance on to my daughter. I am thankful for the time they had together. My only disappointment is that we couldn't take Mrs. Shantel with us when we moved to Texas."
— Lisa R.

"I attended Shantel's recital while researching studios for my daughter. I was really impressed with the age-appropriate music and costumes. All of the dances were tasteful and reflected the family orientation of the studio. I am looking forward to my daughter's upcoming years of dance with Shantel."
— Ali L.

"My daughter Zoe has been a part of the Shantel 's Dance Academy since she was 2 1/2 years old. At first I thought, how much can a two or three year old get out of a dance class and remember what she is doing? When it came time for the Dance Recital that year, I was so nervous with the anticipation that Zoe was just going to stand there with her arms folded. She made me so PROUD that night, that tiny 3 year old got out there and danced her little heart out all because of Mrs. Shantel to Zoe. Shantel is such a WONDERFUL and PATIENT teacher with all of her students', you can see the gleam in their eyes when they watch Mrs. Shantel dance and teach them their routine. Whenever Zoe hears a song playing, she will start dancing immediately with the beat of the song, and she will say to me "look Mom, I'm like Mrs. Shantel." That tells you how much my daughter and many other of the students' really look up to Mrs. Shantel and dream of being like her one day! I will ALWAYS highly recommend Shantel's Dance Academy to any Mom or Dad who is looking for a WONDERFUL dancing atmosphere to put their daughter into; you will have that same proud feeling when you watch them dance at their Dance Recital for the first time like I did."
— Catherine A.

"My daughters have been taking dance at Shantel's Dance Academy for more than 15 years and they wouldn't think of taking dance from anyone else. We drive all the way from Marrero, but it is worth it to have personal instruction from Shantel. We have seen other dance recitals, but none compare to Shantel’s. My family and friends also enjoy the recitals very much."
— Kathy B.